Your Primary Aim

Jack Lyons, Founder and President

By Jack Lyons
President, Lyons Solutions LLC

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five questionsIf you were at the end of your life and telling your life story, how would you like that story to unfold? What would you like to be able to say about your life after it was too late to do anything about it?

The answers to these two questions will begin to shape your Primary Aim – the vision and passion you need in order to bring your business to life and your life into your business.

Establish the Primary Aim for your business by asking yourself these five key questions:

  1. How would I like my business to look? What markets do you want to be in? What products or services would you like to provide? How would you like your organization to be structured? What would you like the answer to be to this question one year from now, 5 years from now, 10 years from now, 20 years from now?
  2. How would I like my business to perform? Think in terms of annual growth – gross and net profit and the strength of your balance sheet. What level of performance will make you happy and keep you motivated over a long period of time so that you won’t become complacent? What new skills will you need to develop in order to make this happen?
  3. How would I like to spend my time every day? What is it that you’d truly like to do with your day? How many hours would you like to spend at work, by yourself, with your family and friends every day? What are your goals in regards to health and life balance? If you want strong social relationships, you can’t be at work all the time.
  4. What would I like the community at large to think about my business? How will others perceive your business? Will it have a positive reputation? What impact would you like your business to have on your community? How will you accomplish this?
  5. How will I measure my progress toward each of the above questions? Putting your Primary Aim in writing helps to reinforce and remind you about what is important. Have you communicated this to other significant people in your life and your key employees? Do you think they’d like to be a part of your journey?

If you’ve already spent the time to get clear on your Primary Aim and your company looks and performs according to your Primary Aim, then you’re probably totally engaged, having fun at work, fulfilled and feeling free. And you deserve to be congratulated for being disciplined and having taken the necessary steps toward getting what’s important to you.

If not, then I suggest you take action. You can change this any time you want, and it will be well worth it. However, the sooner you make some changes, the better off you – along with your family, your company, your employees, your customers and everybody else in your life – will be. I’ve found that procrastination does not lead to happiness. Every time I delay doing what I know I should be doing at work or anywhere else in my life, I regret that I put a second thing first. If I’m not happy with where I’m at, it’s because the ‘doing second things first’ got me there – to a place where my life story isn’t what I want it to be. I’ve found that being fully engaged at work and having fun doing it is the result of being disciplined and taking action steps toward my Primary Aim. If you choose to start now, you’ll be progressing toward your Primary Aim – toward having what you want. And a year from now, you won’t be still be contemplating what you’d like your life to be like.

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