Thinking of Retiring?

Begin Your Exit Planning Process by Testing Your Readiness

Lyons Solutions can help you assess whether you are likely to be satisfied with retirement by providing you with the opportunity to take a complimentary NO OBLIGATION Retirement Satisfaction Predictor Test (a $1,000 value).

This confidential consultation is for businesses with $5 million to $100 million in annual revenue. Whether you are ready to sell soon or several years from now, a written, actionable Exit Plan is a must. Properly prepared and implemented, an Exit Plan becomes the “blueprint” that helps make the rest of a business owner’s life make more sense. It addresses an owner’s personal, business, financial, legacy, charitable, community and retirement goals. An Exit Plan is the key to navigating your future – safely and successfully.

The Retirement Satisfaction Predictor Test is a model that was designed specifically to help business owners determine whether they are prepared to exit their business and transition into a new stage of life. You will be able to compare your score with other business owners who have submitted similar data.

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