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By Ted Miller and Amie Gray
DataKey Consulting, LLC

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You remember the days when it was just a handful of employees, working hard and sharing responsibilities to do whatever was needed to get this business off the ground. It was an exciting – albeit stressful – time and the possibilities seemed limitless. Many years later, after countless hours spent winning customers, investing in growth, and cultivating employees, you’ve built a successful business. And now you’re ready to bring your team to the next level: expanding responsibilities, growing the company, improving strategic thinking. Is your team up to the challenge?

The key to ensuring the future of your business is to develop the skills and knowledge your team needs to succeed. Company leaders must recognize and be equipped with tools they can use to drive business objectives to catalyze growth and change throughout the organization. With a strong leadership team in place, major challenges like expanding the company and long-term strategic planning can become shared responsibilities with improved prospects of success.

Building a talented leadership team is no small feat. It takes a deep understanding of the business, the management team, and the corporate culture to envision the path to future success by investing in the people you have today.

In order to prepare your team for the next level, consider the following areas:

  • Determine the select few in your company today will have the abilities and influence to lead the company. You need to begin cultivating those employees today to equip them with the skills and know-how they’ll need to succeed.
  • If processes are learned by experience, without reliance on documentation, that needs to change. Routine processes that are easy to understand can be moved lower in the organization, freeing you and your direct reports to look ahead and work on transitions. Document the appropriate processes and train other employees to take responsibility for them, while you focus on the future.
  • If you have a major goal in mind, you must examine how your current business will enable you to reach that goal. Provide opportunities for your direct reports to work on these company-changing goals and put them in the spotlight to help you confirm your decisions about who’s ready to lead.
  • Who in your company thrives in the existing culture? Every company has innate strengths and weaknesses in the corporate culture. It’s important to understand who can effectively leverage those strengths and overcome weaknesses to achieve strategic outcomes.
  • Establish a timeline. Determine what the organization should look like by the time you’re ready to put more responsibility on the shoulders of your direct reports. Work with your leaders to ensure that those people who are stepping up to the plate have the right set of capabilities and tools to do the job well.

It takes time and dedication to reflect on these topics, consider the potential risks and opportunities, and devise effective solutions. However, this process is absolutely essential to achieving larger, long-term objectives. Bringing your company to the next level is entirely dependent on having a solid team in place to drive progress.

You may need consulting experience and expertise to channel your team’s energy into productive skill building. Look for a coaching program that integrates your management team with successful peers and outside experts who will impart the practical knowledge needed to drive future success.

Much like in the early days, the possibilities are still limitless. With professional assistance from the experts at DataKey, you can set the business you’ve built from the ground up on a path to ensured future success. Now is the time to take control of your company’s destiny.

The DataKey Difference

DataKey strengthen and energize client organizations by becoming part of the team to accelerate key initiatives. We are accountable for recommendations and implementation. Without corporate politics getting in the way, clients trust DataKey for unbiased input, advancement and realistic change. We bring the tools and know-how to you to ensure lasting, self-sustainable advancement for your company. DataKey loves to jump in with your team, run with you, and drive results! If you have a big project on the drawing board – or in progress – that needs project management guidance, contact us today for an initial consultation.

Ted Miller and Amie Gray are partners at DataKey Consulting, LLC. Each has more than 20 years of experience in managing large organizations for Fortune 500 companies. Their expertise is turning big-company practices into applied solutions that are practical and realistic for midmarket companies.

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