“Initially, we were only interested in kicking the tires to get a feel of what our company might command in the market. The original terms of the Merger & Acquisition engagement with Lyons Solutions were reasonable and made it easy to get started. Lyons Solutions proved to be conscientious and knowledgeable, with the know how to prospect and follow-up. We were impressed with the quality of the total experience – their absolute commitment to our relationship and to the very favorable result we sought and gained.”

George Bubrick, President
Triad International, Inc.


Second Effort Yields Multiple Offers and Aggressive Valuation

The Challenge

Triad International, Inc., d/b/a The Brooks Group, was a successful mid-market management consulting firm with a practice that optimized operations and helped corporations to effectively utilize technology investments. The owner was concerned that his company would not reach its full potential without the right strategic partner. After being recommended by the company’s CPA as a reputable Merger & Acquisition advisor, Lyons Solutions Mergers & Acquisitions was retained by the owner to find a strategic buyer that would facilitate rapid market expansion and exceptional valuation.

The Solution

Following an in-depth analysis of the company and the owner’s personal, financial and business goals, Lyons Solutions initiated a focused marketing campaign. When the first round marketing to large consulting buyers failed to yield the desired result, Lyons Solutions broadened the search. Mid-sized consulting firms, buyout funds with managed company portfolios, large staffing and outsourcing companies, accounting and services consolidators, information technology solutions firms, software companies, and venture capitalists were approached. Lyons Solutions waged an aggressive marketing campaign to over 200 potential suitors and negotiated with over 40 potential buyers who had executed confidentiality agreements.

The Result

A variety of strong strategic fits were uncovered. The owner was able to choose from five offers at values far in excess of his original expectations. Despite the quality of the offers, we continued to meet with other potential buyers until a deal was accepted.

The former owner and staff were retained following the sale and were pleased with the quality of their professional colleagues as well as the potential synergies and opportunities that became available to them. The accepted offer included both an aggressive valuation and significant stock options for both the owner and key employees.