“We looked at competitors but selected Lyons Solutions because they were quick to respond, and we liked their style (roll-up-the sleeves and down to earth). From our initial meeting through the “close,” Lyons Solutions was nothing but professional. They did not stop until they found and negotiated the right deal.”

Gary Stromberg, Founder and President
Stromberg Consulting and Communications


Creative Marketing Campaign Yields Diverse Group of Suitors And Exceptional Overall Fit

The Challenge

Stromberg Consulting and Communications was a mid-market management consulting and communications company with a unique practice bridging change management, new-media and communications that evolved from an innovative advertising and consulting joint venture. Its principals were looking for an association that would allow them to leverage their unique skill sets and dramatically expand their business — both domestically and internationally. Because they intended to remain for a number of years, they were particularly interested in finding a good cultural fit where they could be significant leaders in their practice areas. Lyons Solutions Mergers & Acquisitions was retained as Merger & Acquisition advisor to help them realize their goals.

The Solution

After assessing the unique characteristics of the firm and its people, along with the professional, financial and business development objectives, Lyons Solutions orchestrated a multi-faceted marketing campaign. Knowing the principals’ goals, we identified a large and diverse group of potential buyers and investors so that they could select the ideal fit.

Consulting firms, advertising, public relations, media/communications, buyout funds, staffing and outsourcing companies, accounting and services consolidators, information technology solutions firms, software companies, and venture capitalists were among the universe of firms approached. Lyons Solutions waged an aggressive marketing campaign to more than 400 potential suitors and negotiated with over 30 potential buyers who had executed confidentiality agreements.

The Result

Ten serious opportunities were considered with firms that ranged from communications, public relations/advertising, new media, technology and staffing firms to traditional management consulting, venture capital, and niche consolidators. A variety of strong strategic fits were uncovered with intriguing potential aspects.

The owners were able to choose a partner that provided both the best price, plus the cultural and qualitative aspects that they felt would position them for the future. The chosen transaction netted an amount well in excess of the client’s initial expectations. Moreover, the opportunities overall fit and personality matches with the selected buyer were considered to be exceptional. The principals and staff are in a position to realize significant current and upside benefits for the combined entity.