“I again succeeded by using Lyons Solutions Mergers& Acquisitions because they have such a strong commitment to representing sellers. Lyons Solutions worked with us to clearly identify our goals and then implemented an aggressive marketing program to help us to meet our individual needs. Most importantly, you were totally responsive to our unique requirements and worked rapidly and diligently for us. You seemed totally focused on meeting our needs. I would highly recommend Lyons Solutions as premier Merger and Acquisition advisors.”

Bob Murphy, CEO.
Nurses PRN, LLC


Industry Knowledge and Accelerated Sales Process Leads to Sale of Company in Two Parts

The Challenge

Founded to become a major company in the industry, Nurses PRN’s rapid growth created an immediate need for alternative capitalization and the decision was made to search for a strategic buyer. The principals who ran the company had differing goals for themselves following the sale. One owner wanted to sell to a buyer who would fund continuing high growth and provide significant stock ownership so that he could benefit from a sale at a later date at a higher price. The other owner wanted to be part of a larger company that would allow the company to continue to grow at a less frantic rate but that would provide financial security and future employment. It was very important to both of the owners for the staff to feel comfortable in the transition and following the sale. Lyons Solutions Mergers & Acquisitions was engaged as Merger & Acquisition advisor to help the owners achieve their goals.

The Solution

In the past, the owners had conflicting ides as to the strategic direction of the company but decided they wanted to engage a Merger & Acquisition advisor with healthcare industry Merger and Acquisition experience and knowledge. The owners also wanted an advisor that would make a strong commitment to helping them achieve their individual goals. Lyons Solutions fit these criteria and immediately began the sales process by developing a customized offering document and by targeting and contacting buyers that would allow the sellers to achieve their goals. Lyons Solutions launched a very rapid, highly focused marketing campaign whereby we sought to sell the company in two separate parts. After considering several alternatives, each of the owners selected firms that provided the desired fit.

The Result

The company was sold in two separate transactions. One portion of the company was sold to a private equity fund with an interest in fast growth within the healthcare staffing industry. The other portion of the company was sold to a small public company interested in having a healthcare staffing subsidiary. An important element to the transactions was that the companies had management in both portions of the company prior to the sale and were able to easily split operations easily due to this and the fact that the company had state of the art, commercially available and easily customizable software which was used in the business. The transactions took less than six months to complete from start to finish. The mission was accomplished to the satisfaction of both parties.