“Initially we had reservations about retaining a Merger & Acquisition advisor to help us. However, Lyons Solutions was recommended by an individual who has deep knowledge of many national Mergers & Acquisitions advisors. We were impressed by their exceptional responsiveness, their finesse in maintaining CTC’s positive relationship with the buyer and their results which substantially improved our deal. I can’t say enough about how happy we are.”

Paul Rand, Founder
Corporate Technology Communications, Inc.


Rapid Response Significantly Improves Price and Terms

The Challenge

Corporate Technology Communications (CTC) has been highly regarded in public relations, corporate communications and market strategy for a variety of national and multi-national clients. Among its many services, CTC had established a very strong reputation for helping technology clients to position themselves with stock analysts – a factor that can be critical in driving market perceptions and value. The owners were considering a Merger & Acquisition transaction.

CTC had been approached by a number of potential buyers and was in preliminary negotiations with one that appeared to be an excellent fit for the company. An offer from that buyer was expected shortly. However, as discussions had progressed, the principals recognized that they had limited Merger and Acquisition experience and were limited in their ability to adequately evaluate the proposed offer, to assess its specific provisions and to be able to effectively renegotiate the offer. They were also concerned about the effect that direct negotiations might have on the relationship between the company and the buyer following the transaction.

The Solution

Lyons Solutions Mergers & Acquisitions was recommended by one of CTC’s advisors to assist them with the transaction. Lyons Solutions and the principals reviewed CTC’s financials, background information and the history of the interactions with the potential buyer. We were retained as Mergers & Acquisitions advisors to the company and when the offer was received, Lyons Solutions evaluated the relative reasonableness of both the overall purchase price offered and the specifics of the transaction structure. Lyons Solutions two primary goals were to shield the seller and maintain as much goodwill as possible, while working to improve what was already an excellent proposal.

The Result

Lyons Solutions was able to maintain the desired relationship between buyer and seller while bringing about significant improvements in both the terms of the transaction and in the total price. Cash at closing, earn-out structure, tax treatment, a restricted stock plan and other inducements for principals and key employees were obtained or improved.