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Today’s Webinar was the second of Lyons Solutions’ and Reid & Riege’s Webinar Series for business owners.  We were pleased to have been joined by TD Bank in presenting this second Webinar.

This Webinar educated business owners about the critical importance of:

  • Understanding how a business is valued and why it is important for owners to have a realistic understanding of its value today.
  • How an owner can best approach his or her lender for a business or product line acquisition financing.
  • What an owner needs to understand when trying to use Seller financing in the acquisition of a business.

Business or product line acquisitions are a major strategy to eliminate a business owners’ projected post- sale lifestyle monetary gap!

Bill QuishAn outline of the Webinar is listed below. To receive a copy of the webinar’s PowerPoint presentation (highly recommended), please contact Bill Quish at bquish@lyonssolutions.com


What’s The Real Value of Your Business?
Presented by Bill Quish, Sr. Managing Director
Lyons Solutions, LLC.

  1. Webinar learning objectives.
  2. Why care about your Company’s value?
  3. Common valuation misconceptions.
  4. Internal valuation enhancers.
  5. Internal valuation reducers.
  6. External valuation influencers.
  7. Valuation methods.
  8. Valuation takeaways.
  9. When to start the exit planning process.
  10. Post-business sale lifestyle money gap.

How to Approach the Bank for Acquisition Financing
Presented by Stephen Roche, Senior Vice President, TD Bank

  1. Funding sources.
  2. Credit availability.
  3. What do I submit?
  4. Bank’s due diligence.

Show Me The Money! Using Seller Financing in a Business Acquisition
Presented by Bob Mule, Stockholder, Reid & Riege, P.C

  1. The Gaps.
  2. One Solution: Seller financing.
  3. Seller Financing: Benefits to the buyer.
  4. Seller Financing: Concerns for the Seller.
  5. Forms of Seller financing.
  6. Structuring issues common to most Seller financing.
  7. Issues related to employment agreements & non-compete agreements.
  8. Earn-out structuring.
  9. Subordination: Dealing with the senior lender.

Show Me My Money – From Taxation Perspective
Presented by Chris Rixon, Stockholder, Reid & Riege, P.C.

  1. Fundamental tax principal.
  2. Power of deferral.
  3. Installment sales.
  4. Installment sales and contingent payments.
  5. Earn-outs.
  6. Employment and consulting agreements.
  7. Covenants not to compete.
  8. Payment terms.

Click here to listen to our first Webinar tiled: The Business Owner’s Final Test … Being Prepared to Leave the Legacy You Want.

Our next Webinar is scheduled for June 2012. We hope you will join us again.

To receive a copy of the webinar presentation, please click here. To discuss your exit strategy, please call Bill Quish at (860) 391-8672.

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