Advice Sellers Can Trust

Your company is probably your biggest personal asset, and selling it will most likely be the most complex transaction you'll ever be involved in.

You're ready to tackle anything when it comes to running your business, but you're also wise enough know when to bring in an expert—your lawyer handles legal issues, your CPA manages the books, and so on.

The principals at Lyons Solutions have successfully initiated, led, and completed 130+ middle-market transactions. Here are a few reasons to trust our expertise:

  • It can take six to twelve months to complete the sale of a company. Realistically—do you have the extra time that's needed to take on the numerous complex details of the sale? While the process is ongoing, it is critical that you focus on maintaining or improving the financial performance of your company so it doesn't lose value at the time of sale.
  • The parties that buy middle-market companies are larger corporations and private equity groups. Typically, they're expert in this kind of transaction, leaving you at a knowledge and negotiating disadvantage. We'll eliminate that gap for you, using our years of experience to successfully close the transaction.
  • A company is worth what the market is willing to pay for it. When we sell your business, we guide you through the process from end to end with proven, strategic advice. And we don't just reach out to a few of our associates—we rigorously canvass the market for potential buyers. When multiple buyers are competing to buy your company, you are the beneficiary.


Acquisition Coaching for Owners Selling Their Company

You weren’t ready to sell your company—maybe you weren’t even thinking about it—but interest from a strong potential buyer has gotten your attention.

You realize that the buyer—who has, perhaps, been involved in many acquisitions—has the advantage in preparation and experience.

You don’t have to go it alone. For a flat fee, Lyons Solutions acquisition coaching service can provide you with:

Guidance, so that you can:
  • Identify and prioritize your objectives
  • Avoid common mistakes and pitfalls
  • Understand the valuation process, the deal process and deal documents
  • Properly evaluate the buyer’s offer
  • Get the best deal structure and acquisition price
  • Build an effective team of professional advisors to get your deal done
Objectivity, so that you can:
  • Stay composed through the ups and downs
  • Keep your ultimate objectives in perspective
  • Get a reality check if you’re not seeing things clearly
Practical advice, so you can:
  • Provide information to the buyer in a way that helps the deal move forward—that is, provide the right information at the right time in the process
  • Effectively communicate your value drivers and differentiators to the buyer
Lyons Solutions acquisition coaching does not include:
  • Advocating on your behalf
  • Facilitating the transaction
  • Participating in negotiations

Lyons Solutions is your ally in the deal. With our acquisition coaching service, you remain in control of the sale process—preparing documents, interfacing with the buyer, negotiating, and so forth. But as your coach, we’ll be your safety net, expertly supporting you in the background.


Exit Planning

You didn’t build a company by sitting back and simply letting things happen; you made plans and took action. Why approach the sale of your business any differently? Given time, you can significantly increase the value of your company with our exit planning service.

If you were selling a car, you’d probably have it detailed first; if you were selling your house, you might upgrade the kitchen, replace the roof, or spruce up the landscaping. You’d do things to get ready to sell. Needless to say, your com­pany is worth more than a car or a house, and it deserves even more attention to get it ready to sell.

We’ve seen all the pitfalls that hamper business owners when they’re ready to sell, and we can make sure you avoid them.

After we’ve helped you complete the necessary prepara­tions, you can transition seamlessly into the sales process or come back to us when you’re ready to sell. Either way, we’ll deduct much of the cost of our exit planning service from our fees for the sale.