We Get Deals Done for Buyers

Finding the right acquisition opportunity for your growing business requires expertise, focus and a lot of time—six to twelve months or more.

While you continue to improve the financial performance of your company, Lyons Solutions will work relentlessly to find opportunities for you to consider.

We begin by learning what you want to accomplish through an acquisition. Then we research the marketplace and compile a list of prospective acquisition candidates. Our creativity, experience, company databases, and contacts translate into more and better options than you’re likely to find on your own. In fact, we often present our clients with acquisition opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be for sale.

Through our exhaustive process, you’ll not only have opportunities to consider—you’ll have the right opportunities—companies that are a match for you in terms of industry, specialty, location, size, etc.

But finding the right match requires a lot of old-fashioned legwork—it’s not unusual to make four or five contacts with a target company before the owner is ready to talk. When we handle this kind of nitty-gritty stuff for you, you’re free to keep your focus on the health of your business.

When it gets to the final stages of concluding a transaction, our high closing rate demonstrates that we can get deals done. Every transaction needs a leader, and we will be that leader for you, shepherd­ing the deal from beginning to end.


Acquisition Coaching for Buyers of Companies

Your company has reached a critical mass and you have made a strategic decision to accelerate growth or diversify by buying another business. As a new or occasional buyer pursuing acquisitions, you may be uncertain about the process and the many nuances involved with acquisitions.

You realize that acquisitions are risky and you’d like to keep your risk to a minimum.

You don’t have to go it alone. For a monthly fee, Lyons Solutions acquisition coaching service can provide you with:

Guidance, so that you can:
  • Understand the marketplace and properly analyze and evaluate buying opportunities
  • Avoid common mistakes and pitfalls
  • Understand valuation variables, the deal process and deal documents
  • Propose deal structures and acquisition prices that will work for both parties
  • Build an effective team of professional advisors to get your deal done
Objectivity, so that you can:
  • Remain positive and composed through the ups and downs and disappointments
  • Keep your ultimate strategic objectives in perspective
  • Get a reality check if you’re not seeing things clearly
Practical advice, so you can:
  • Know early-on whether a specific company is a good acquisition for you
  • Know when it is time to move forward, stop or renegotiate a transaction
  • Effectively communicate your value proposition to potential sellers
Lyons Solutions acquisition coaching does not include:
  • Advocating on your behalf
  • Facilitating the transaction
  • Participating in negotiations

Lyons Solutions is your ally in the deal. With our acquisition coaching service, you remain in control of the acquisition process, (i.e., determining acquisition targets, interfacing with sellers, negotiating, and so forth). But as your coach, we’ll be your safety net, expertly supporting you in the background.