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April 8, 2013
Venice, Florida

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As you know, Jack Lyons, Founder & President of Lyons Solutionshas been providing business owners and CEOs with exceptionally responsive, sound and impartial mergers and acquisitions advice for almost 30 years. And, he’s helped business owners and CEOs with Exit Strategy and Planning and has informally coached business owners for many years to improve their businesses.

But who do you turn to if you want to stay in your current role or keep your business and become a more successful leader or live a more balanced life while remaining enthusiastic about your work?

The Owners Coach

Jack loves the challenge of continually finding new ways to be of service to business professionals like you. As a result, he has established The Owners Coach, a separate company dedicated to coaching business owners, partners, and leaders to help them increase business profits, re-energize their passion for their work, and realize new visions and goals. That’s not all. As a certified business coach with extensive experience in a variety of industries, Jack specializes in supporting individuals who wish to regain business momentum, define and implement their visions and objectives, increase business performance, improve their effectiveness, and achieve their plans. And just as you would expect, Jack’s approach is very personalized and tailored to fit your specific needs.

If you’re concerned about your personal and professional growth, and you desire to explore the possibility of making a commitment to coaching, contact Jack Lyons at (941) 497-4700. He’s ready to challenge you and support your success.

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