WEBINAR: The Business Owner’s Final Test…
Being Prepared to Leave the Legacy You Want.

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This webinar, co-presented with the law firm Reid & Riege, P.C., educated business owners about the critical importance of planning several years in advance as it relates to the sale or transition of their business and being positioned to leave the legacy they want. When it comes to passing this final test and leaving the legacy you want, remember Owners, there are no do overs…no mulligans!

Bill QuishAn outline of the Webinar is listed below. To receive a copy of the webinar’s PowerPoint presentation please contact Bill Quish at bquish@lyonssolutions.com.


Presented by Bill Quish, Sr. Managing Director
Lyons Solutions, LLC

  1. Webinar learning objectives.
  2. Defining and achieving your legacy.
  3. Planning impediments.
  4. Costs of not planning.
  5. How Exit Planning (i.e., Business Transfer Ownership Planning) benefits the Owner.
  6. Legacy killers.
  7. The Exit Planning process.
  8. Key advisors needed to complete a successful exit plan.
  9. Key takeaways.
  10. Exit Planning return on investment.
  11. Case study.
  12. When to start the Exit Planning Process.

Preparing For the Sale of Your Business. Avoiding Trouble Before The Crunch
Presented by Robert Mule, Esq. Reid & Riege, P.C.

  1. Key provisions of the Letter of Intent.
  2. Letter of Intent – Outs.
  3. Buyer’s due diligence requests.
  4. Due diligence discoveries.
  5. Crisis Resolution.
  6. Preparation to avoid crises.

Tax Issues in Selling Your Business
Presented By Christopher Rixon, Esq. Reid & Riege, P.C.

  1. Business Owners: Do you have options?
  2. Basic deal structures: What are you selling?
  3. Seller vs. buyer: The equity sale.
  4. Seller vs. buyer: The asset sale.
  5. The Government: Deferring transaction taxes.
  6. Business form and deal structures.
  7. Given the basic rules of the game:  Should the seller change the facts?

To receive a copy of the webinar presentation, please click here. To discuss your exit strategy, please call Bill Quish at (860) 391-8672.

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